The new weekly digital journalist-led publication The QT has kindly offered a single member subscription free of charge to paying Developing Consensus members.  

In order to take up that offer, please utilise the link which will be distributed upon payment of your DC membership, and again our thanks to Brian Aitkin from The QT who will be speaking at our next member meeting on 5th June. 

If you aren’t aware of what The QT is see below:

The QT is a welcome new addition to the media landscape here in the North East. It’s a weekly online ‘newspaper’ founded by Brian Aitken, who was the Editor of The Journal for 12 years. It’s independent, politically-neutral and contains many articles of interest to DC members – with no pop-ups or clickbait headlines. 

Editor Brian Aitkin has kindly offered a free annual subscription worth £79.99 for one individual at every DC member organisation. There is also a reduced rate group membership scheme available so that others in your organisation (minimum of six) can get The QT for a 25% discount. That’s £59.99 which works out at £1.15 per person per week. The QT has no ads so the success of The QT is dependent on enough people becoming paying subscribers. 

Upon confirmation of membership payment we will send you the link for one-years free membership and how to register including how to take advantage of the 25% discount for others at your organisation.