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Applications for membership of Developing Consensus are welcome.  Applicants will be required to have the support of a member of Developing Consensus and have experience in helping to enhance the built environment, driving forward economic development to create more and better jobs.

Our Vision

Developing Consensus has a vision for the wider North East area of the United Kingdom that continually promotes economic regeneration and prosperity for all by building on its strengths. Historically a centre of invention, the region has adapted to changing global circumstances. It is a region with a strong export record and it is renowned for its engineering skills, offshore and energy, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, digital, financial and professional, rural, tourism and culture and of course its enviable quality of life.

It is a pre requisite for our region to attract the share of central Government funding that is needed for us to achieve our objectives which are to bring Public and Private sectors together, using mutually beneficial expertise and influence to enable development to take place throughout the region.