Over 25 ambitious industry professionals from the North East gathered to launch Developing Consensus’ Junior Chapter.

The launch, which was hosted by Ward Hadaway, saw head of the group and Development Manager at igloo Pippa Heron welcome members and introduce the overall goals of the newly formed group.

The Junior Chapter will support the Developing Consensus membership, while encouraging those at the beginning of their professional career within the industry to look at the wider North East economic landscape and share their views.

Following Pippa’s talk, she welcomed Nick Gholkar and Lesley Fairclough, Partners at Ward Hadaway, to give an overview of Developing Consensus and the membership group’s journey so far.

Of particular interest to attendees was Nick’s journey. First interacting with the membership group as a scribe at a Developing Consensus workshop, Nick is now in the process of advising on the governance of the group and regularly presents to members as a Partner at Ward Hadaway.

Pippa said: “It was brilliant to see many new faces and to hear so much enthusiasm when we broke out into discussion sessions following the introductions.

“For us, it’s important that our Junior Chapter members advise us on how they’d like the group to be run and how they’d like to interact with the wider DC membership. 

“As professionals in the early stages of our careers, it’s vital that we productively share our collective voice and take an active role within the group. This is just the beginning!”

A calendar of Junior Chapter meetings will be published across the Developing Consensus website in the coming weeks and members are asked to share the dates with their internal teams.

Pippa added: “We’re currently in the process of defining our own working groups to align with the wider membership’s goals. If anyone would like to know more, or would like further information on the Junior Chapter, please get in touch.”

To find out more about the Developing Consensus Junior Chapter or volunteer yourself to join one of the Chapter’s working groups (Infrastructure, Inward investment, Planning, Enabling Development), please contact Pippa: Pippa.Heron@igloo.uk.net