Press Statement – May 3 2019 – For immediate release 

Congratulating Jamie Driscoll on his victory in the North of Tyne Mayoral Election, Adam Serfontein, Managing Director of The Hanro Group and Chair of Developing Consensus, the regional private/public sector property group, says ‘this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to really drive regional aspirations’.

“We have witnessed development corporations and other public sector bodies over the years all pledged to rejuvenate the economy of the North East to varying degrees of success. Now we have three local authorities working together with a mayor elected to office by the public. So the vehicle is established let’s drive it forward with vigour,” says Mr Serfontein.

“In anticipation of the regional election we recently emphasised the importance of the region’s property sector to the region restating our principal ambition to ensure the delivery and supply of new developments and buildings that will enable the growth of high quality businesses in the region and to support the region in attracting new inward investment from national and international markets necessary for regional development and growth.

“Further we want to foster positive collaboration between the public and private sectors on development and investment and continue to be an authoritative voice and expert consultant group, actively supporting regional policymakers across relevant sectors.  Developing Consensus, with its comprehensive range of skills, is here to work with North of Tyne Combined Authority in these challenging times.”

For further information contact Adam Serfontein on 0191 261 1777.