A statement from Developing Consensus Chair Sandra Manson.

The Devolution Deal is a game-changer for our region and a key catalyst in allowing us to unlock crucial investment and create a robust growth strategy.

Offering a potential £4.2bn of investment into the North East, with the prospect of creating 24,000 extra jobs and leveraging up to £5bn of private sector investment, it is vital that we prioritise the opportunities that the deal could bring to our regional economy.

The success of this delivery will largely be down to public and private sector collaboration, which is why I wanted to reach out to you to highlight the North East Devolution Consultation which closes on March 23rd.

The consultation allows you to share your views on the new combined authority and the powers it will have within their governance. We want to ensure that we maximise the deal to its full potential and as a Developing Consensus member with vital insights into the property and development sector, we would encourage you to share your feedback.

Developing Consensus will be preparing a formal response to the consultation on behalf of the membership. If anyone has specific aspects which they would like for us to address, please get in touch as soon as possible.

To take part in the consultation please click below.